Our company

Gbm has been active in the field of electric wiring and plug cables for more than 30 years and positions itself between the major producers for the European and world market.

The constant attention to technological innovations pushes the company to continually innovate, allowing it to reach a very high level of production flexibility and offer its customers high-quality products.

The continuous improvement of business processes has enabled the company to obtain the most important certifications in terms of both quality and safety and the environment.

To consolidate and expand its position in the market of the European Community and outside Europe, Gbm has set the following objectives:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Qualification and staff satisfaction
  • Rationalization of production
  • Meet the rules and laws governing the activity of Gbm


Gbm provides high quality products and services at a competitive price as well as a prompt response to customer needs.

Qualification and
staff satisfaction:

Gbm staff is qualified and educated at all levels. The company monitors customer satisfaction in order to continuously come up with new ideas to improve management.

of production:

Gbm runs a production system that ensures efficiency and effectiveness in all of its phases, allowing the reduction of those costs that do not add value.

Satisfaction of regulations
and laws governing the activities Gbm:

The company ensures continuous application and revision of all technical regulations and laws that regulate its activity.


Wiring testing lines

Gbm, upon customer’s request, can test 100% of its production. This allows the company to eliminate the already low level of waste.

The advanced testing line is made up of special boards built specifically for each individual customer wiring supplied with a dedicated testing software and equipped with counterparts made in-house with a 3D printer.

Automated warehouse

To ensure a more flexible management of production, Gbm has recently made a major investment in an automated vertical storage system capable of storing up to about 600 semi-finished products.

Wiring line

The Wiring unit for the production department uses technologically advanced and up to date machines.

The processing involves cutting and stripping of wire, crimping of terminals and the insertion of isolating capsules.

Automated machines control crimping at 100%.

Plug cable line

The plug cable unit offers versatile production lines for bipolar and/or tripolar (straight or at 90°) schuko plugs with IP44 protection against splashing water and Italian bipolar and/or tripolar plugs.

The production includes cutting, wire strippers, crimping the male insert automatically and subsequently through vertical plugs is the PVC plug casted. Finally the electric controls foreseen by CEI 23-50 are conducted and the finishing requested by the client is performed in the opposite side of the cable to the plug. Gbm also sells other types of plugs, such as Swiss, English, American, Argentinian, Japanese, Australian, Israeli plugs etc.

Production management

All of Gbm’s production, from the processing of an offer to the printing of transport documents, is managed by computer systems that allow you to trace the entire production process. If you want to delve into this topic, click here.